So, for those of you who just can’t keep track of the amount of cross-media that helps telling the story of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (I know I can’t), this post is for you. And! For those of you who don’t know what TLBD is, PLEASE GET UP ON THIS RIGHT NOW. This information is mostly on their website, but this will hopefully just make the whole thing easier. And if something is missing then I’m sorry and nope, Google + is not one of those things. I mean, it’s g+, who even uses that thing? Lizzie is with me on that.

First of all [for those of you that are new here]: What is TLBD? 

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and is told by Lizzie Bennet using video blogs (vlogs) that go up every Monday and Thursday on youtube. Other websites like twitter and tumblr help telling the story, and most of the characters can be found on these websites (and others, as listed below). So basically Lizzie tells a story, other characters show up on her videos and there’s costume theater and the whole life-ruining experience goes from there.

 So here we go.



  • Events [this is a list of important events that happened on the story and if you just wish to know what happened without going through the entire thing, you can just find it there].
  • Video Diaries [mostly the same as ‘events’, but with individual links to lizzie’s video diaries]
  • Tumblr Posts [a list of posts from the character’s tumblrs that are relevant to the story-telling].
  • Twitter Posts [same as that ^, only with twitter].


  • Lizzie Bennet [middle bennet daughter and main character of the webseries] | youtube / twitter / tumblr / facebook
  • Lydia Bennet [younger sister to lizzie, also has her own vlog AND SHE’S ADORBS WHAAAAA] | youtube / twitter / tumblr / facebook
  • Jane Bennet [oldest bennet daughter AND THE NICEST ONE IN THE WORLD OKAY?] | twitter / tumblr / facebook / lookbook / pinterest
  • Mary Bennet [not a sister in this adaptation, but rather a cousin [who’s still better than you]] | twitter
  • Kitty Bennet [ALSO NOT A SISTER. OR AN ACTUAL HUMAN BEING. Kitty is a cat] | twitter
  • Charlotte Lu [lizzie’s bff] | twitter / tumblr / facebook
  • William Darcy [STUPID LIFERUINER] | twitter 
  • Gigi Darcy [MADE OF SUNSHINES AND RAINBOWS] | twitter
  • Bing Lee [oh bing] | twitter 
  • Caroline Lee [bing’s sister, obvs] | twitter
  • Fitz Williams [darcy’s awesomest friend] | twitter
  • Ricky Collins [he doesn’t like being called ricky] | twitter / linked in
  • Maria Lu [charlotte’s younger sister] | youtube / twitter
  • George Wickham [THE ABSOLUTE SCUM OF THE EARTH] | twitter / okcupid





And now that you have everything, please do yourself a favor and go watch this!


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